6 Tips For Better And Impressive Custom Packaging!


Just adding a couple of company stickers on a box doesn’t make it a customized one for your product. When we talk of custom box, we are basically referring to packaging that has been designed, keeping product needs in consideration. For example, if you are selling a heavy artefact, you need a box that can withstand the weight and match the shape requirements. Of course, you also need to make the box more effective with printed information and brand details. It is much easier to get custom packaging with logo, and in this post, we are sharing a few tips on how you can make it more effective.

  • Find a good vendor first. Believe it or not, this one simple thing can actually change everything. Working with a good custom box manufacturer ensures adequate help with orders, and many companies even have an in-house team that looks into design as required.

  • Evaluate your product needs. Take expert help as required, but ensure that the box is designed for the product and not the other way around. It is also absolutely important to think of the requirements in the long-run, because you may have more inclusions in the same range.
  • Make it usable. A lot of consumers do stock the box of the product, and it is always a wise idea to think of a reusable box. There are two advantages – One, you are reducing waste, and secondly, it makes the product more valuable.
  • Focus on simple design. The best custom boxes are simple yet effective. The idea is to keep the design in sync with the product and brand needs, but without firing all guns at once. Ensure that the design feels new and stands out on a shelf.
  • Colors that tell a story. It is absolutely important to select colors that tell your brand’s value and story. For instance, if you sell bath bombs, you want to go as colorful as possible, while a box meant for a burger would have bright food shades.

  • Reimagine once in a while. Even the best custom packaging materials must be redesigned, and many brands sell a lot more of the same product just by improving the box. Make sure that you have enough scope to revision and redesign the entire product box, if required.

In conclusion, we would like to add that your custom product box is an asset – Don’t hesitate in spending on it.